Re-write Prostitution Laws?

Prostitution Laws in the UK have long confused people. But now a major new Commons report says that the law should be urgently re-written. The report also suggests that rules concerning brothels need to be adapted too, that that prostitutes can share premises, and therefore hopefully be safer, rather than working alone and placing themselves at risk.

As you might imagine, our Leeds ladies were quite interested in this bit of news. MPs have also called for any previous convictions for prostitution to be removed from sex workers records. In England and Wales it isn’t illegal to buy and sell sex, but related activities such as kerb crawling and brothel keeping are crimes. The suggestions were put forward by the Home Affairs Select Committee when it published an interim report after launching its first enquiry into the matter.

Labour MP Keith Vaz, who is the chairman of the committee, said that there were elements of the current law that were 'unsatisfactory'. He expressed the view that the current laws criminalised, predominantly women, and should therefore end. The report also said that those who use brothels to control or exploit sex workers should still face 'zero tolerance'.

Escorting and sex work (sexual services for money) are legal in the UK and it's estimated that there are around 72,800 sex workers in the country. It is also estimated that around one in ten men have paid for sex on at least one occasion.

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