Prosecco Is Good For You!

With Christmas just around the corner, here's something we can all celebrate! Drinking Prosecco is, apparently, good for you! That was music to our Leeds Escorts ears. They do love a bit of sparkle!

A recent study from the university at Reading discovered that drinking Prosecco can really be good for you. In moderation, of course.

The research explains that Prosecco, like champagne, contains high levels of polyphenols, which are good for the blood. It seems that these polyphenols slow down the removal of nitric oxide from the blood, which helps increase blood flow around the body. This in turn leads to lower blood pressure and a lower risk of blood clots. So that's all good news!

The crucial question though is, how many glasses are good for you? Well it seems that it's around 2. So if you're currently sitting there with an empty glass, go ahead a fill it up with Prosecco! Just make sure you don't drink the whole bottle!

Cheers everyone!

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