Poster Causes Outrage

The London Borough of Kingston put up a poster that read: 'You spent the night in Clapham. But you left your pill in Kingston. It might be time to consider the coil.' And it caused outrage amongst residents. Our Leeds Escorts, on the other hand, saw it as just another advert!

The purpose of the advert was to promote the use of the coil as a means of contraception. What's wrong with that? Well, it seems a number of people thought there was quite a lot wrong with it!

A number of people, including councillor Mary Clark, called it 'disgusting'. Many people claimed the poster sent the wrong, and indeed a dangerous, message to young girls. We don't agree. It seems that the problem some people really have with this poster is that they feel it's promoting women having sex outside of long-term relationships. And, quite frankly, that's none of their business! Anything that can help avoid unwanted pregnancies has to be a good thing surely?

Many of the complainers started off by saying they felt it promoted unprotected sex and they were worried about the spread of STIs. Fair enough. But when you dig a little deeper it became clear that what they really didn't like was the idea of women going out and having sex with people they might not be in a committed relationship with! They felt it promoted promiscuity.

Well, I'm afraid we don't quite agree. Sex is fun. It's part of life. And whilst we would agree that it should perhaps promote the use of condoms as well, to avoid STIs, not everyone is going to use a condom, but women are probably wise to use some form of birth control. In just the same way that some people don't like condoms, the pill isn't a suitable form of contraception for some women.

The complainers seem to have a problem with openly talking about the reality of most people's sex lives. Sex can be random. Women sometimes forget to take their pill. We get so engrossed in the moment we forget the condom. So why not promote another form of contraception?

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