Women Pose Naked

Thirty women posed naked last week in protest at Facebook's nudity rules. They made their point by posing using 'Censored' tape to cover up their vital parts! Our Leeds Escorts thought their protest was great and about time that someone challenged Facebook rules.

The photos were organised by professional photographer Trina Cary. Trina was fed up of being told by Facebook that her naked body is unacceptable. She started taking selfie nude photos last year and felt so inspired and confident that she started sharing them on Facebook. But even though she received lots of likes and positives comments she soon found that her photo would quickly be reported. This despite the fact that Trina took the time to censor every image so that it didn't violate Facebook rules.

A couple of weeks ago she posted a self portrait with her hands covering her breasts and a patch of thorns covering her genital area. She also darkened the lower half of the photo so that even if people zoomed in nothing inappropriate could be seen. But that didn't stop Facebook taking the photo down within 10 minutes and Trina being banned from Facebook for 7 days!

‘I loved this photo. I felt like me in it. I felt strong and beautiful. I was so delighted to have gotten one good image from my self portrait session and was so excited to share it with all of my followers' said Trina.

She was so incensed by Facebook's actions she posted a call out on Facebook for women to join her for a nude photoshoot. Thirty women joined her for the shoot which took place in a stark rock quarry in Kelowna, Canada.

Trina went on to say that she was fed up of seeing sexual and suggestive images and videos of naked men on Facebook without issue, yet her artistic work was banned. We're right behind you Trina!

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