New Meaning For A Pork Joint!

Mother of one, Nicole Hillman, who comes from Brynmawr in Wales, bought a nice piece of pork loin to cook for her Sunday roast this week. But when she got the joint out to roast, she was shocked to see it looked like a giant penis!

Nicole bought the pork joint in her local Farmfoods store so she could cook up a tasty roast for her boyfriend. After she had got over the shock of the look of the pork, Nicole said: ‘I was absolutely screaming with laughter and had tears rolling down my face for about half an hour before it finally went in the oven.’

Our Leeds Escorts had pretty much the same reaction when they saw the photos! There's no denying the pork joint certainly looks like a very convincing penis!

But despite it's hilarious looks, Nicole cooked up the meat as usual and served it with carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, mashed potatoes and gravy. She showed the picture to her boyfriend before she served it up.

Despite its off-putting looks, Nicole said the joint was really tasty and hasn't put her off buying her meat from Farmfoods in the future. The store declined to comment – well it wasn't really anything to do with them, just one of those 'unfortunate' occurrences, but always good for a laugh!

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