Pokemon Sex Toys. Catch 'em all!

Pok�mon sex toys have hit the market. Now, why aren't we surprised? Well, there's been so much hype about the new Pokemon Go game and everyone it seems is playing that perhaps it was inevitable that other people would want to get in on the buzz. And why not sex toys?

Our Leeds Escorts were, to be honest, fascinated by this story and it's just possible that as we write some of them may be busy checking out where to buy them! Although they did admit that it might just take the innocent fun out of the game, they also said that the Pokemon sex toys look like huge fun!

Launched by Geeky Sex Toys, the silicone sex toys are just the thing if you want to be the ultimate Pokemon Master! The sex toys are based on the Pokemon starter version and the makers have given each one specific sexual powers! So you've just got to try them all. Well almost all. There's the Bulbasaur inspired 'Bulby', offering deep stimulation. Then comes the 'Squirty' with a large grooved turtle shell on its back, designed to give intense stimulation on the top wall of the vagina, hitting that G spot. 'Charmy' is thinner with a large pointed flaming tail hot stuff! And finally, recommended only for those with experience, is 'Piky', which is basically a butt plug that gives you a mini Pikachu tail.

With each toy costing around 52, you might want to start with just one, and build up your set over time! 'Gotta catch em all!'

(Picture: Geeky Sex Toys)

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