Adult Peepshow Sex Toy

We're never really surprised as what comes on to the sex toy market. And while some new sex toys actually leave us cold, we quite like this latest one! Playdoor is the world's first peepshow sex toy for couples. We think it could prove to be a lot of fun!

Playdoor is a lightweight adjustable frame that comes in a handy travel bag. You simply fit the frame to a doorway and one of you goes inside the room. The other stays the 'wrong' side of the peepshow door. While your partner 'performs' you can open different zips within the Playdoor and enjoy your very own peepshow! How long will you last before you blast through the door?!

Invented by an ex-solider, Steve, our Leeds Escorts think the Playdoor sounds like a whole load of fun and are keen to try it out for themselves! Steve is close to doing a deal with Ann Summers, but in the meantime you can register your interest and find out more about it at

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