Penis Shaped Lipsticks

When it comes to getting ready to go out, our Leeds Escorts admit that it can take them a while! But we reckon they won't want to wait to put on one of these hilarious penis shaped lipsticks!

The penis shaped lipsticks first appeared a couple of years ago, but didn't make a huge mark in the UK. Second time around they are attracting more attention and have become a favourite hen party gift, thanks to Instagram. But guys, they also make great stocking filler gifts for the women in your life, or a suggestive birthday gift! What's not to like about watching your girlfriend running a penis around her lips?

What's more surprising is that the lipsticks are surprisingly good in their own right. They come in twelve shades, so there's one to suit most people and some even have shimmer effect. As to the shape we have to say they are a pretty good representation of the real thing, even if you would be a bit worried to see a real penis in any of these colours!

So where can you get one? Pop over to Etsy. The lipsticks themselves aren’t expensive, at around £3.50. Unfortunately, they are shipping from the US so expect to add about a tenner for postage. We still think they're a good buy, so order now! Perhaps don't get it out on the journey to work though!

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