Penis Hedges?

Thank your lucky starts you don't live in Axbridge in Somerset. Because these large phallus-shaped plants just might make you feel a tad inadequate! Our Leeds Escorts thought these hedges were a hoot, so we just had to include them in our blog. And maybe give any gardeners out there some ideas!

The penis hedges have caused a right stir on social media after Nigel Vile, who had been out walking in the town, decided to share his snap on Facebook. Nigel was simply having a leisurely stroll when he spotted the tall penis hedges looking like a giant army of pricks!

The owner of the front garden where the hedge is growing said he has no idea how the hedges got to look like that in the first place. Grandfather of three, Peter Knife said: ‘I’ve lived at the house for 20 years with my wife and its always been known as the ‘willy house’ by children who go to a school nearby. I’ve also had people walk past my house and ask me how I keep my hedges so well-maintained. I wind them up and tell them I put Viagra in the roots.’

Clearly Peter has a sense of humour!

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