Penis Enhancement For Lunch?

We could all sometimes do with a little help in the bedroom department, right? Just how far would you go? Penoplasty is a surgical operation that can enhance your penis girth and length. But it's not for everyone. What does it involve we hear you asking? Well a London plastic surgeon has now come up with the lunchtime answer. He's performing what's known as 'lipofilling' as well as the full penoplasty (increasing length) in a one hour op that you can get done in your lunchbreak!

Lipofiling involves taking fat from your legs or stomach and injecting it into your penis to increase girth. It can add around an inch to the circumference of your penis and is a popular form of penis enhancement. Penoplasty add length to your penis, up to two inches, and involves cutting a ligament in the penis that allows it to look longer.

Dr Marcellinon, a London Plastic surgeon, said that the one-hour girth enhancing operation is becoming more popular and that results can last ' a few years'. Chatting about this in our Leeds Escort Agency office, many of our ladies felt that most men worried too much about the size of their penis. According to our ladies, great sex for them is about far more than penis size.

On the up side the operation can be performed in your lunch break. It certainly beats grabbing a ham sandwich. On the other hand, at around £4,500, it does make the £3 'meal deal' seem slightly more attractive!

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