Half Of Brits Are Up For An Open Relationship

A research survey, carried out by global social network site, Twoo, has found that 50% pf us would be up for an open relationship. It seems that we're a flirty bunch!

Twoo surveyed 2000 UK members on their site and found that 48% of 31 to 40 year olds would consider an open relationship. Interestingly the survey also revealed that we're a bit of a jealous bunch too. Thirty-three percent of men and women think that jealousy is a healthy trait in a relationship.

Our Leeds Escorts were really interested to read some of the other results from the survey. The survey also looked at what attractive traits people look for in a partner, with 85% of people saying that intelligence was important. Well, guys, if you book any of our gorgeous escorts you might be surprised just how smart they are!

And the most unpopular trait? Fifty-three percent of men and seventy percent of women said they couldn't date someone who was messy! So if you're on the look-out for someone special, make sure you clean up your act!

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