If you're the type of guy who believes that he really knows his way around his girlfriend's or wife's vagina, you might be in for a shock! If your usual routine is a bit of a flick here and a bit of poke there, you and your partner are probably missing out.

There's a new website out there called OMGYes where you can find hundreds of women sharing their tips for gaining maximum pleasure! And our Leeds Escorts were surprised to discover that actress Emma Watson is a fan!

The site was the brainchild of two friends who wanted to know if there was any scientific research on women's pleasure. And guess what, there wasn't. So the ladies set up a company and started on their own research working alongside the Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute.

A visit to the site will let you in on the secrets of how to provide women, or yourself if you're a woman, with maximum pleasure, preferred techniques, and how to videos, which, needless to say, are NSFW! There are even 'touchable videos' where a voice guides you as you use your mouse or track pad to move around a clitoris. Very NSFW!

The women aren't actors, they are just ordinary women enjoy themselves and explaining why it feels so good. So guys, if you want to give a woman a real surprise, get yourself over to OMGYes right now!

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