Olympic Condoms

Apparently the Olympic athletes are breaking as many records off the track as they are on! The International Olympic Committee ordered three times as many condoms for the Rio event as it did for London 2012! Four hundred and fifty thousand to be exact!

Well, you can imagine there's going to be a lot of celebrating going on, and a lot of testosterone flying around! The committee have thought of everything, as apart from providing condom machines, there is also a team who go around handing out condoms to the athletes! Unfortunately, this hard-working team won't be getting any medals for handing out the condoms and promoting safe-sex. The girls at our Leeds Escort Agency were pretty impressed by the Olympic Committee's foresight.

Whilst we appreciate that the Olympics is all about fostering great international relations through sport, we hadn't quite cottoned on to the fact that sex would be part of the competition! But then, why not? With so many people around all at the peak of their physical fitness, they probably need to burn off their excess energy or to find a great way to celebrate their achievements. So it's more than likely there's some pretty impressive record-breaking performances going on when the day's games are over!

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