Nuts Beauty Contest

If you think you've got the best looking balls, then you'd be nuts not to enter this contest! Brian Sloan first came to our attention when he set up the Vagina Beauty Contest. It involved women sending in pictures of their vulvas so that the winner's could be 3D printed and turned into a sex toy! This time though, Brian has other ideas.

Brian wanted to run a competition for men, but rather than choose the obvious, the most beautiful penis, he decided to go for a less celebrated part of male anatomy – your balls. What made him pick those? Well he says he didn't want to get 'too sexual'. Our Leeds Escorts loved this idea! They can't wait to go and view the photos and add their ratings!

'Autoblow's Balls Contest' is asking you to send in photos of your nuts! With a first prize of £3270 it could be worth a shot! There are also second and third prize winners. It's simple enough to enter. Just submit a photo of your balls to the website with a piece of paper reading 'Autoblow Balls Contest'. There aren't very many rules or regulations; you must be 18 and focus must be on your balls, not your penis!

Your photo will then be rated 1-10 by the general public until they find the best pair. The 3 sets with the highest rating will be crowned the winners! And if it's you, you'll genuinely be able to claim you have a prize-winning set of nuts!

Winners will be announced on 25 December 2015. Head over to the competition page now! NSFW -

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