Don't Do It In the Lift!

A story about a mother, who we only know as 'Mrs K', who complained to Ofcom after CCTV footage of her giving a blow job to man in a lift was shown on Channel 4, caught the eye of our Leeds Escorts this week.

Unfortunately, for Mrs K, Ofcom ruled that Channel 4 didn’t break any privacy rules. The programme, 'CCTV: Caught on Camera – Lift Watching' showed the clip which came from a CCTV camera located in a Southampton tower block. The show's producers when to the trouble to blur the couples faces and ensure that their identity could not be determined. But Mrs K said that people had worked out who she was and it had caused her a great deal of stress.

Ofcom's decision was that her expectation of privacy did not outweigh the public interest in anti-social behaviour and that the act was not private, because it had been conducted in a communal lift.

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