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Nothing beats a good trip out to the theatre. Whether it's for a performance of Shakespeare, Ballet or Beethoven; what's certain is that any time spent appreciating the arts will lead to a more refined outlook on life.

The Grand Theatre in Leeds boasts some of the best performances in the local area; from comedy to musical performances. A trip to the theatre is a great first-date as these performances are often filled with thought-provoking ideas and themes, which make breaking the ice that little bit easier.

There's also the fact that the theatre has a particular atmosphere that sits well with most and this immersion can even help to set the overtone of the evening; for this reason, I'd have to recommend a light-hearted performance, or perhaps even a romance!

So, What's on in Leeds Grand Theatre, March 2018?

To those who are planning on taking one of our Leeds escorts to the theatre this month, you have plenty to look forward to. The highlight being a visit to Leeds by Northern Ballet to perform Las Hermanas, Concerto & Gloria.

Northern Ballet: Las Hermanas / Concerto / Gloria - Fri 16 & Sat 17 March 2018

Northern Ballet is the self-proclaimed "powerhouse of inventive dance". This dance company was established in 1969 and now has a global following. Through the intuitive combination of classical dance, theatre, pop culture and opera; Northern Balle manage to bridge the gap between audience and performer to create truly awe-inspiring shows.

As a tribute and celebration towards world-renowned choreographer Sir Kenneth MacMillan, Northern Ballet manages to conjure up an educational and inspirational performance themed around dance history. This show will be making it's way to Leeds this March and will include a trio of ballets rarely performed outside of London; as well as a special guest performance by Zenaida Yanowsky (winner of the best female dancer at the National Dance Awards 2017!) in Las Hermanas.

Las Hermanas

This ballet performance is cited as being a "tense psychological drama about five sisters living a life of harsh repression." For a tear-jerking display of talent, Las Hermanas is sure to leave you wanting the next taste of Northern Ballet.


This dance performance is set to live music by Shostakovich. This Russian composer and pianist became one of the major composers of the 20th century and his legacy lives on in shows such as Concerto.


Gloria was inspired by Vera Brittain's Testament of Youth and is performed to Poulenc's score. This show highlights the atrocities of war and is sure to pull on a heart-string or two.

Interested in seeing Northern Ballet perform in Leeds this Month?

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