Kissing Isn't For Everyone!

Kissing is, perhaps, one of the most pleasurable acts we can partake in, particularly in public! Our lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, so naturally kissing induces feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. But not all the world shares that view it would seem.

At the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, research revealed that kissing is a learned behaviour, created by our western societies and passed down through the ages. Of the 169 known cultures it seems that only 46% of them subscribe to romantically smooching! In fact, some cultures, such as the Mehinaku tribe in Brazil reportedly said it was 'gross'.

In the Middle East romantic kissing takes place in all the countries, but surprisingly, in Europe, three out of 10 countries said that they found kissing in a romantic sense, to be unacceptable. At our Leeds Escort Agency we've got escorts representing a variety of cultures and all of them told us that they LOVE kissing and were quite surprised to discover that some cultures just didn't do it!

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