New Sex Doll For Women!

At last, you might think, someone has made a male sex doll for the ladies. However, as lifelike as this male doll is, we're not so sure about it after all! Sex dolls, at least female sex dolls, have come a long way over the last few years, but so far this is the first time we've seen a male doll, designed for the ladies.

There are a few drawbacks though. Firstly the price! This anatomically correct and fully articulated male sex doll retails for, wait for it, $25,000! Now, how many women do you know who would spend that kind of money on a 'toy'! The other problem our Leeds Escorts had with the doll it that they find it so lifelike it's creepy!

The doll comes fully equipped with a removable 7" penis and if you're feeling up for it, it can be customised with an 11" cock! There are all kinds of optional extras to choose from such as hair colour and even tan lines.

The doll is made by Californian company Sinthetics. Sorry guys, it's just not a hit with our girls!

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