New Dating Show

When it comes to dating shows you might think we've seen it all; but perhaps not. There's a plan for a new show and it's all about threesomes! Actually the show is planned as a semi-documentary that will explore the dating game in relation to people who want to explore with more than one partner. Haven't we all at least fantasised about that?

'The Threesome' will hope to link up trios and follow them on dates. The show won't go on to show them having sex, but will broadcast the conversations that go on beforehand. The concept certainly interested some of the ladies at our Leeds Escort Agency.

According to reports, the application form doers involve questions around what an ideal threesome would look like and where it would all happen. Makers describe the proposed programme as 'a sexy sophisticated insight into the world of three-way dating'. Ok. Got it.

If you get through the application process you'll be filmed chatting with two others, just as you would on a normal date. According to the makers, it's that conversation that will be broadcast, nothing else. Should make for interesting viewing!

Channel 4 have had some success with dating shows, namely 'First Dates'. If you're interested in applying you need to email [email protected]

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