Naturist Carpenter

Carpenter Robert Jenner isn't your run of the mill carpenter. He's a naturist carpenter! Yep, that's right. Robert likes to work in the nude. It almost sounds like the start of a porn movie!

Our Leeds Escorts were also intrigued to discover that, despite being a naturist since 1999, Robert's mum still doesn't know. Well, she probably does now!

Forty-two year old Robert says he does try and avoid splinters when he's working. Currently he's carrying out renovations to his one bed semi. He admitted that he does wear clothes when using power tools though, for safety reasons!

Unfortunately for Robert, his neighbours are quite as liberal and have complained to the Police. Robert was handed an ASBO earlier this month after neighbours complained about him fixing a tap (outside presumably) in the buff. 'I don’t care what my neighbours think but the people who complained are always smiling at me', said Robert.

So this naturist carpenter isn't giving up. He's erected a sign outside his property that reads: ‘A naturist is working on this property, please do not take offence.’ We're not entirely convinced that'll have the desired effect!

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