You Call It Your What?

What do you call your naughty bits? Wherever you go in the world it seems that people love to invent words to describe their private parts rather than using the given terms, penis and vagina.

Our Leeds Escorts didn't have any trouble coming up with at least a dozen different ways to describe their lady bits or their male partners trouser snake. Most were things we'd heard of before but there were some that were new to us. And when you consider that is just in the UK, the list starts to become pretty long.

Now some girls at XX_XY The Project has stepped in to help. Anna, Martina and Veronica have created an illustrated guide to document what people call their genitals across the world.

Sexuality is a global taboo that permeates all the cultures of the world, they say. The girls hope their guide will open up the conversation and start to remove some of the taboos around sex.

There are endless names and if you fancy testing your knowledge you can play the XX_XY Projects game on their website.

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