Spot the Naked Woman

This fantastic image is a real hit on the internet. Artist Jorg Dunerwald painted a model to fit in with the background and we have to say, it's pretty damn good! Well, can you spot the naked woman?

Jorg pained the model, known only as Nadine, in autumnal colours so that she would blend into the background of this forest in Lower Saxony, Germany. In the photo here you'll find the naked woman sitting at the base of the large tree. She painted half to match the tree trunk and half in red and yellow to match the leaves around the base. Look carefully, you'll find her!

The photographer, Tachiponnique Skupin cleverly captured the images – we can only imagine how long it took to him to get them this good. Our Leeds ladies were totally fascinated by the body art.

Artist Jorg Dunerwald has done similar work before, painting models to camouflage them into backdrops such as a fishing port and a music shop. We think his work's amazing!

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