Newcastle Naked Ride

Naked bike rides are a bit of a thing. They have been taking place all over the world for a number of years now. Since 2004 there have been 59 naked bike rides in the UK, and, surprisingly perhaps, no arrests! Our Leeds Escorts were surprised to learn that there hasn't ever been one in Leeds. Given that Leeds is such an exciting place to live, we haven’t worked out why!


The reason for the Naked Bike Ride was borne out of a desire to protest against oil dependency, although these days people do it for a variety of reasons, such as to promote safer cycling, to make drivers more aware of cyclists or to protest at climate change.

In Newcastle the bike ride took place on Saturday with people riding through the city, mostly wearing only their helmets (!)

The ride steward said: 'If we call this a fancy dress bike ride, no one will take notice. But if we call it a naked bike ride it gets people’s attention. People will see me coming if I am naked why can’t they see me when I have my hi viz on?’ He's got a point!

The primary purpose of this ride seemed to be to make motorists more aware of cyclists and a plea to give them more space on the road. When the ride reached Bigg Market in Newcastle city centre, the cyclists stopped for a two minute silence as a mark of respect for cyclists killed on the road.

We are still a bit surprised that our great city of Leeds hasn’t yet participated. Come on Leeds, what about taking part next year? You can find our more on the Naked Bike Ride site,

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