More Toys For The Boys

We all know that most big boys love their toys! Gadgets seem to be something that the male of the species just can't resist. While we usually look at sex toys on our blogs, this latest gadget is something much more basic. A remote control.

This isn't' just any old remote control though. It's the only remote control you'll ever need. Logitech's Harmony Elite will work with over 250,000 gadgets, such as TVs, lights and speakers. What makes this remote more unusual is that it has a touchscreen, The remote links to the Bluetooth and WI-Fi enabled Logitech hub and is said to be compatible with up to 270,000 items.

It's not just the boys though who enjoy gadgets. With more and more items remote control enabled even our Leeds Escorts to think this remote could be the answer to all those controls lying around their homes.

Makers Logitech claim that with their new remote ', you can easily create one-touch control of multiple products, letting you power on your TV, dim your lights, adjust the temperature and open your window shades - all at the same time.'

The touchscreen remote costs a cool £279 though a bit pricey if you lose it! But if you do, don't worry, our lovely ladies at Leeds Escort VIP can soon find something to keep you occupied!

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