More Sleep For Better Sex

Our Leeds Escorts often have late nights, but that doesn't mean they don't get enough sleep. However, it's not just about how much sleep you get, it's also about the quality of your sleep that matters. And better sleep means better sex.

According to latest research your sleep needs to be free of technological interruptions and multiple snooze button taps! Getting enough, good quality sleep will improve things all round your physical and your mental health. And most of us know that, even if we don't take much notice of the advice!

But perhaps the best reason for getting more and better sleep is that it will improve your sex life. If you're well-rested you're more likely to get in the mood and you're more likely to enjoy the sex you do have.

Researchers in north America also found that the relationship between sleep and sexual enjoyment did vary across age groups. Perhaps not surprisingly, the younger you are the less you will be affected by lack of sleep, although shorter sleep durations and insomnia can impact on your sexual enjoyment at any age.

So get to bed. Now!

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