More Orgasmic Meditation Please!

Sometime last year we reported on a new craze that had hit the UK shores from California, known as orgasmic meditation. Often when we report on things like this they are never heard of again, so we were pleasantly surprised when we spotted this latest news report.

It seems that, in London at least, people are actually paying in their thousands for the experience. What does it involve? Basically, women pay for a random stranger (male) to stroke their clitoris. Yep, that's it. A group called One Taste (UK) are offering women the chance to team up with a strange man for 15 minutes of finger stimulation. According to their marketing 'with no other goal than to feel, connect and be present'. And have loads of orgasms at the hands of a stranger we guess!

Our Leeds Escorts so like the sound of this they're thinking of going into business in Leeds! No, seriously, One Taste charge £147 for 15 minutes of 'digital' fun. So, apart from the orgasms, what's it really all about?

When women attend a class they strip off from the waist down and lie across a random man who is fully clothed, while he touches their clitoris. The website is at pains to say that the real point of this is the meditation side of things. Participants are encouraged to 'let go and listen to their bodies'. For the guys involved (and yes, they pay too), they get the opportunity to practice their orgasm inducing skills. if you want to truly immerse yourself in the experience there are dedicated meditative orgasmic retreats on offer at £597.

Of course, as some people have been at pains to point out, you could just go down the local, get drunk, pick up a random stranger and get the same kind of finger action for a fraction of the price. Would it have the same mind-blowing effect? We doubt it.

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