Men And Women's Sexy Lingerie.

If you gave a woman in your life 'sexy lingerie' for Christmas you may have been disappointed at her reaction. Were you expecting whoops of joy when all you actually got was a polite smile and a thank you? Well read on and you might find out why!

Of course, women like to look attractive when they are in their underwear, and a pretty matching set of bra and knickers is always a welcome gift. But that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about the sexier lingerie, bustiers, corsets, bodysuits and those cleavage enhancing bras.

Women will understand the struggle of getting into a tight bustier, or trying to keep warm in crotchless bodysuits, but men just look at the result! Our Leeds Escorts could tell you exactly how much effort it sometimes takes to look 'sexy'!

A group of Irish men decided to find out for themselves why some women just aren�t grateful for those sexy lingerie gifts. They decided to give the corsets and camis a go in a highly educational video. And what they found was that tying to get most of these items of sexy lingerie on was enough to exhaust anyone! �I feel like a fish caught in a six-pack of beer� said one of the group. They came to the realisation that the so called sexy lingerie could make a woman feel anything but sexy. In the end they concluded that women should just be themselves and feel comfortable. We can't argue with that, but our ladies will still be making the effort!

You can watch the video below

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