What Men and Women Think About Condoms

We need to talk more about sex. Or more specifically, condoms. You may not have realised it by three quarters of 16 to 24 year olds are too embarrassed to talk about sex and condoms, according to a survey by condom makers, Durex.

And that's a big problem. We have to admit that at our Leeds Escort Agency we wer quite surprised by that number. Young people seem to share so much personal information on social media, but it seems that when it comes to their most important personal relationships they are too embarrassed to discuss condoms.

Durex have started a campaign to encourage everyone, not just the young, to talk more openly about sex and about using condoms in particular. They have found that actually man and women don't mind using condoms, they just can't bring themselves to talk about it to each other!

According to their research 79% of young men surveyed said they thought it was a turn on when a girl insisted on using a condom. However, let's be honest, this is research carried out by a condom company. But if it gets us talking and feeling more confident about condoms, then that's got to be good.

Whether the research is valid or not, using a condom is still the way to go.

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