Why Men Don't Do Housework.

No matter how far we may think we have come in terms of equality, it seems that we still see housework as 'women's work. Recent research carried out in the US has found that in couples where men did what was considered 'feminine chores' had less sex than those who didn't.

We had a discussion about this amongst our Leeds Escorts and I'm afraid our girls didn't agree with this research at all! The study claimed that women see men doing feminine chores as less sexy but our escorts couldn't disagree more! They felt that men who helped out around the house were to be appreciated and would deserve a reward. Well, maybe Americans do things differently?

The difference of opinion might be explained by the fact that the study was looking at middle-aged couples. Amongst the couples, they researched, marriages, where the chores were shared, were happier but there was less sex. In fact, men who refused to help out around the house at all had one and half times more sex a month than their helpful counterparts.

The results, therefore, may not apply to younger couples who are better adapted to changing gender roles.

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