Mattress Tells All!

The camera never lies is what they used to say. Of course, these days, we all know that's not true. A camera can tell any story you want it to. But maybe your mattress has more to say about you than you thought, and it's your mattress that never lies?

This little story really captured our imagination here at our Leeds Escort Agency . When she was moving house she asked a few friends to help. And guess what they found on her mattress? Just take a closer look at the picture. See it? Or rather them?

Her memory foam mattress had carefully remembered exactly where she had been keeping her vibrators! And she had quite a stash it would seem! Four or five maybe? Those who know their vibrators even reckon you can tell what make she favours. It appears there is a Rabbit, a G-Spot, a classic Slim vibrator and a Bullet vibe.

Fair enough, there's nothing wrong with indulging yourself, but we bet she wishes she hadn't tucked them under the mattress!

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