Show You're More Than Friends

It used to be simple. You were dating, engaged, married or single. These days there is such a wide variety of relationships out there, it can become difficult to define without going into long explanations. But these new necklaces might be just what you need to signify you're more than friends, but not yet quite ready to totally commit.

The girls at our Leeds Escort Agency really didn't know quite what to make of these necklaces! Matching jewellery has long history, a bit like matching tattoos! So if you are having a relationship that is more than just sex but not quite at the point of putting a ring on someone's finger, these necklaces are designed to bridge the gap. (we're still not quite sure just who would wear them!)

The complimentary necklaces feature one with a hand with a finger pointing up and the other making a circle. The universal symbol for sexual penetration. Not surprisingly it's called the 'More Than a Friendship Necklace. Ok that figures.

We can't deny that it might save answering all those questions about the status of your relationship, we're just not sure that we'd really want to walk around with something hanging around our neck that screams 'yes, we're having sex!'

But whatever our opinion, we can see that there'll some people just queueing up to buy them!

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