May Is Masturbation Month!

There’s nothing new under the sun they say. And that certainly could be true about masturbation and sex. After all we wouldn’t be here if people hadn’t been having sex! And along with all those sexual urges goes masturbation. The cave men (and women) were at it, although they didn’t have all the sex toys we do today.

May is International Masturbation Month (really!) so we thought we’d take a quick look and what’s gone on over the last 28,000 years. These days there is no shortage of sex toys and pleasure aids to ensure that we can all enjoy our own bodies. But back at the beginning people had to rely on much simpler methods.

Pornography also dates way, way back, with cave paintings taking the place of today’s websites and magazines There are some pretty rude cave paintings to be found in France, northern Spain and Australia, dating back between 40,000 and 28,000 years. Our Escorts in Leeds were fascinated by some of the artwork.

Once our ancestors could read and write they started on erotic literature. There’s no doubt that just like today, when our ancestors found themselves with time on their hands or found themselves feeling a bit horny, they knew exactly what to do!

When it comes to masturbation and sex toys the first use of the word dildo in English appears in the 16th century. It’s a work by poet Thomas Nashe, in his poem ‘The Choise Of Valentines Or The Merie Ballad Of Nash His Dildo.’ The poem is about a man’s first sexual encounter in a brothel and the use of a glass dildo.

But no matter how far we may think we’ve come in relation to our acceptance of sex and society, it’s still illegal to sell sex toys in Alabama, USA. The sale of sex toys in the US state is criminalised under the 1998 Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act. And it’s not some old law that is never used either. The last challenge was in 2009 and was defeated!

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