Masturbation Breaks?

These days it seems that work is becoming less like work and more a reason to be enjoying yourself! Our Leeds Escorts were amazed to come across this bit of research suggesting that perhaps we should be taking masturbation breaks at work!

We can certainly see that this bit of 'me' time might liven up the working day, but is it really a practical suggestion? Maybe it just gives a whole new meaning to the term 'work/life balance'! There's no doubt it could act as a great stress reliever for those times when we feel work is getting on top of us.

An article recently published by Ravishly, suggested that 'fapping is the new smoke break'. It described a wank session as a way to 'boost output and creativity'. Whilst we would agree that wanking has got to be better for you than a smoke, we're just not entirely sure that the trend will catch on. Although a bit more investigation revealed that last year a survey by Guyfi discovered thee 40% of workers in New York masturbate during work time. They claim that a quick trip to the loo for a bit of self-pleasure is a great way to reduce work-place stress and give them a short break from their desk.

And that got us all thinking. Is this really a new idea or new trend or has it been around forever? A quick poll in the office showed that a number of our ladies have had rather intimate telephone conversations with guys who were at work, who were in the loo masturbating at the time! So maybe this is just another example of someone trying to be sensational about something we've all been doing anyway! What do you think?

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