Masturbate And Feel Really Good About Yourself!

Masturbation is fun. But all too often it can be followed by some negative feelings; guilt or a selfish use of your time. Now a new website is aiming to change all that and make your personal time so much more productive and satisfying! Our Leeds Escorts love this idea!

The porn website, is a new site that wants to change the way you feel about all that self-induced pleasure. And we have to say we think it's a pretty neat idea! Every time you watch a video on their site, presumably to masturbate to, IJustCame will give a penny to one of three charities, The Movember Foundation, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and the Joyful Heart Foundation. So they have been very clear about sharing the dosh out between male and female charities. In case you've never heard of it, the Joyful Heart is a charity that helps people who have been sexually assaulted.

Considering how great masturbation can make you feel, you might think a penny isn't very much, but every penny counts, and it you want to, you can always donate a little more to any of the charities involved.

The organisers told the Huffington Post that they hope the website will fight against the things that the porn industry is often accused of promoting such as sexual assault. ‘We launched a private version anonymously, and raised $1,000 for charity in a very short time. You can do the math on how many scenes were viewed, but that gave us the confidence to move forward.' At the moment the organisers are paying the donations out of their own pockets, but hope that once the idea gets enough support, sponsors might appear for each orgasm!

They have put a few 'safeguards' in place. For example, you can't 'donate' more than twice a day and you have to leave 15 minutes between sessions!

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