Fellatio Cafe Comes To London

You'll find an array of odd cafe's in London. A bunny cafe, a cat cafe, and now it seems London can look forward to a blow job cafe!

Our Leeds Escorts were a bit envious of the Swiss when they first found out about the Fellatio Cafe due to open in Geneva in December. They speculated at the time that we'd never see one in the UK, let alone Leeds because the law is different in the two countries. But how wrong they were!

Bunpix is a social networking site for escorts and it's they who are going to be opening the Fellatio Cafe in Geneva at the end of this year. Now it seems they have turned their attention to London and Pread Street in particular. They say the idea came from Pattaya, in Thailand, where the cafes already exist. But again, the laws are very different there to the UK.

The cafe will cater for up to 100 men (yep, its men-only clients), who can enjoy a blow job with their Latte. The premises in London have not yet been secured to the company are continuing to look at other sites (try Leeds why don't you?). Thanks to the Bumpix network, there's no shortage of girls willing to work there. Getting around the law, on the other hand, might be a bit more complicated. While prostitution isn't illegal in the OK, running a brothel is. The cafe will employ sexy waitresses to serve the coffee, whilst it's likely those who service the men will be self-employed.

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