A Lifetime Of Sex

Our Leeds Escorts are always on the look-out for interesting, funny or surprising stories for our Leeds Escort Agency blog. This week they noticed this article about how much sex the average person will have during their lifetime.

According to research by Quidco, the average Brit will live to the age of 83. That's not bad! But some of the other information they came up with might surprise you. You're likely to fall in love around 6 times and have around 8 romantic partners. Sadly, you'll also be dumped at 5 times! Alongside all of that, you'll visit the pub about 3,386 times, spending an average of 66,000 on alcohol and suffering around 1,800 hangovers!

Other interesting information to come out of the study was that we'll spend around 20 years sleeping!

But there is an upside! It seems that if you lose your virginity at age 18, you'll have sex around 5,778 times before you die. That averages out at about twice a week for 65 years. Maybe that's why the survey also found that the average Brit considers they have 16 good days every month!

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