Feeling Lazy This Christmas?

Fed up already with just the thought of Christmas shopping? Can't face wrapping the presents or decorating the tree? Well Dobbies Garden Centre have got the perfect answer for you!

We have to say that our Leeds Escorts were either in love with this idea or absolutely hated it and thought it took all the fun out of Christmas. Doobies have just unveiled their Christmas Delivered service. They'll deliver a decorated tree and even ready wrapped Christmas presents! You do have input into what the presents are, but you won't know which ones are which – could make for an interesting Christmas morning!

There's only one drawback we could see with this service – they won't deliver one of our gorgeous Leeds escorts to your door! For that, you'll have to give us a call!

Oh, and the other drawback might just be the £3,000 price tag. It's Christmas, but not as you know it!

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