Last Minute Christmas Shopping

A massive 12.6 million Christmas shoppers filled High Streets across Britain yesterday and Leeds was no exception! It seems we never change and can't help leaving some of our present buying to the last minute. Is that because we just don't start early enough or because we're waiting for that last pay cheque?

In some areas the queues stretched out of shops down the street, with stores like Pandora reporting big sales. In others the crowds were so manic elderly women and pets were apparently trampled in the chaos.

Our Leeds Escorts turned out to be a bit of a mixture when it comes to doing their Christmas shopping. Some had it well under control weeks ago whilst others admitted they still had some presents to get – but mainly because they couldn't decide what to buy. It was forecast that shoppers would spend around £1.8 BILLION yesterday but we'll have to wait for the official figures to come out.

If you've done all your shopping then you can sit back, pat yourself on the back and spend some time with one of our lovely escorts! If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet – don't panic. You've still got 4 days left!

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