Lady Gardens Back In Fashion

For some girls this is going to be really good news, for others it's unbelievable, and for the guys? Well it seems opinions are divided there too. The bush is back in fashion. It's no longer 'cool' for women to be bare 'down there'.

That doesn't mean to say though that women can completely ignore their bush and just let it grow wild! Whilst total waxing, shaving and lasing may no longer be the trend, spending time tending their gardens is taking the girls more time than attending to the mop on top!

A number of new products are about to come on to the UK market and women are expected to be forking out for these plush new products to pamper their pubes. And the new products have some great names, like 'fur oil' and 'muff mist'! They are definitely going to be the must have items in the New Year.

You probably won't be surprised to learn that the new products are coming from New York, a city where women hare quite happy to openly discuss their muffs. Interestingly a survey in the UK revealed that 51% of British women don’t' trim their pubic hair anyway, so these products may be of particular interest to them. One of the new brands is Fur. “Few things in life are certain but pubic hair is one of them,” say the brand’s founders. “Fur is the first line of products that cares for pubic hair and skin. Our products give your pubes a chance.”

Whilst there are a number of celebrities backing the full fuzz look, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga, we can't recall the last time a topic caused so much discussion in our Leeds Escort Agency office.

Actress Cameron Diaz dedicated a whole chapter in her book to grooming her lady garden. In the chapter Praise Of Pubes she goes into detail about maintaining the "lovely curtain of pubic hair" that "surrounds that glorious, delicate flower of yours". Er…ok.

So what do you think gentlemen of Leeds? Bare or Hair?

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