Lack of Sleep

A lady called Olivia Walch from the University of Michigan has been doing to research into sleep and she’s discovered that a lack of it can leave you, as she describes it, ‘functionally drunk’. In other words, the impact of not getting enough shut eye is that you’ll perform as if you were drunk. That could be a frightening thought, especially if you’re at work.

The most likely candidates to be suffering with a ‘sleep debt’ are middle aged men. The experts warn that if you are only getting 6 hours a night, you’re already on the way to building up a considerable sleep shortage. Women on the other hand, tend to go to bed earlier and get up later. Or at least so the study says. Our escorts in Leeds would argue that one!

Sleep it seems is much more important than we realised. The warnings come as Ms Walch reveals the sleep patterns of people across the world. The recommended amount of sleep is 7 to 8 hours a night, but many people are only getting 6 hours of shut eye. There were few other interesting findings to come out of the research. For example, people who spend time in sunlight each day tend to go to bed earlier than those who spend all day cooped up inside.

The result of lack of sleep is that your performance will drop but your perception of your performance won’t change. Just as if you were drunk! So if you always want to perform at your best, in the bedroom or out of it, just make sure you get enough sleep!

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