Saucy Jail Break!

Sometimes you read an article and just can't believe it's true. That's how we felt in the Leeds Escorts office when we came across this jail break story.

It seems that three saucily dressed women created a diversion so that 28 inmates of the Nova Mutum public jail in the central west region of Brazil could make good their escape! Wearing sexy lingerie and police outfits the women convinced the guards to join them in a drink fuelled orgy. They proceeded to seduce the guards and plied them with cheap whisky. The whisky was laced with something to knock the guards out and when they eventually fell asleep the women just opened the gates! Those prisoners who wanted to escape (and 28 of them did), simply walked out!

Apparently the guards don't remember a thing. Guys! Surely you remember something? We reckon if it had been our lovely Leeds lasses, you would certainly remember what occurred!

The escape was apparently master-minded by the girlfriend of one of the inmates. So far only 8 of the escapees have been recaptured after police launched a widespread manhunt.

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