Inflatable Penis

Here's a story that will hopefully warm your heart on a cold January day. A 43 year old man who lost his penis owing to an accident in his childhood and who underwent a pioneering operation to be fitted with a 6 inch inflatable penis is abot to lose his virginity.

The ladies at our Leeds Escort Agency were intrigued by this story and it warmed their hearts when they read that the man was to have sex for the first time with a sex-worker who volunteered so the man could finally lose his virginity.

The man lost his penis in a car accident when he was just 6 years old, but 37 years later he's now ready to have some fun! The divorcee, from Edinburgh, said he can't wait to get the 'virgin' tag off his back, but also said that he's hoping to find love, get married again and have children.

The operation took place in August and is Britain's first 'bionic' penis. Now things have settled down, he is ready to sow some wild oats. Good luck to him!

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