How Much Sex Have You Had?

We have to tell it as it is. If the amount of sex you have were a competition, then we're sorry to tell you lads that this year the ladies have won!

A survey, carried out by Watch Shop (yeah, we wondered why them too!), shows that guys were spending twice as long in bed compared to women this year, and it wasn't because they were having sex. No, they were sleeping.

The survey showed that the average man had 80 days' sleep, while women only spent 66 days sleeping. Our Leeds escorts thought that sounded about right! The survey also showed that, being typically British, we all spend more time talking about the weather. In fact twice as much time as we did having sex!

So how much sex have you had this year? According to the survey of 1300 people, men had an average of 3 days' sex while women had an average of 4 days. Which left us all wondering, who were the women having sex with?

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