Holiday Souvenirs

Oh boy, our Leeds Escorts simply loved these condoms! When it comes to promoting your country, Iceland have got it down to a tee!

When most of us go on holiday we bring back some pretty naff souvenirs. Key rings, mugs, badges. Forget all about the usual tourist tat. If you go to Iceland you can bring back these super cool condoms. And if you've got your sights set on someone back home, what better way to say 'wish you were here!'

The 'Enjoy our Nature' condoms come in a variety of packaging that shows off some of the country's best known landmarks.

The company won a competition, for the official Reyjavik souvenir, with a design for a Reykjavik Towel. It's a wearable towel with a scrub glove at one end, designed for use in Iceland's Blue Lagoon hot spring. The designers then put their minds to thinking about what else there was to enjoy in nature in Iceland and came up with the condoms, sea salt, seaweed and arctic thyme postcards and some temporary tattoos. But in our book, no one should be allowed to leave the country without buying a stock of these amazing condoms!

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