Couples Holiday Hotline

With the weather about to warm up, considerably, and the school holidays about to begin, a lot of people are going to be looking forward to their holidays. But research has shown that holidays are not always the idyllic experience we might imagine them to be. Worse, many of us feel that everyone else is having a better holiday than we are!

Many of us spend all winter dreaming about our summer escape, and for couples that can conjure up a vision of perfection that doesn’t always deliver. So are out expectations too high and why does it all go wrong and end in an argument?

It seems that so many couples end up feeling like murdering their partner on holiday that one company has set up a 24-hour helpline to try and smooth things over! Research by Holiday Autos found that nearly half of Brits on holiday fight and argue as least once a day, every day, that they are on holiday. Now that can't be right, surely?

This intrigued our Leeds Escorts. But they felt that they had to partly agree. They didn't quite go for the once a day every day argument, but they did feel that holidays could bring out the worst in their relationship. What did Holiday Autos turn up as the main reasons for the arguments? Bad navigation and back-seat driving with getting completely hammered coming up a close third.

The hotline will run until September and offers couples a private telephone consultation with relationship expert and psychologist, Corinne Sweet (yes, that really is her name!). You can call the hotline on +44 2033 187 336 or visit the Holiday Autos website. It just might save your relationship!

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