What Not To Wear This Halloween

If you�re not careful these days it can be more than the sweets that are a bit sticky at Halloween. Deciding on that all important Halloween costume can make or break you. One minute you're covering yourself with a sheet the next you're all over Twitter accused of being racist and a member of the KKK!

We thought we'd give you a few pointers about what NOT to wear this Halloween. Follow our simple guide and you can't go wrong! And if you haven't got a party to go to, or even if you have, why not meet up with one of our lovely Leeds Escorts on Saturday? Our girls may not be dressed in traditional Halloween costumes, but you can be certain they'll be dressing up just for you!

If you really feel the urge to dress up here's what you need to avoid to stay out of trouble:

Don't Black Up! Slapping on a load of black face make up is NOT cool! In fact if you're considering donning any kind of coloured face make up to represent a particular race � just stop right there! Apart from anything else, what does race have to do with Halloween?

If you want a cheap costume and fancy the old white sheet with a couple of eye holes � please don't add the pointy hat! Dressing like the Klu Klux Klan is seriously going to get you branded a racist.

Don�t dress up as a refugee or anyone who is escaping persecution to pursue a better life. These people are really suffering and shouldn't be used for a cheap laugh.

And above all PLEASE don't dress as Adolf Hitler. It's just not funny.

There are plenty of great costume ideas out there, just do a quick search on the internet, and for heaven's sake try and choose something that has at least some vague connection to the occasion. We saw a great Monster's Inc costume the other day, but we think the cat in our photo has to win the prize!

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