Sex At The Gym

These days we often hear about dirty tricks in the world of major sport. Football, athletics, and even it seems tennis. But those of us who are budding, rather than premier, athletes are also getting in on the act – by having sex at the gym! Now that is dirty stuff!

Ann Summers has been doing a bit of research. They surveyed 2000 people and discovered that 25% of them admitted to having sex at the gym. When our Leeds Escorts thought about it, they felt that was quite a high percentage, given that we tend to be rather sweaty and red faced when working out! (Hang on though, that's perhaps much the same as we look when having sex!)

Over 50% of those surveyed said they used the gym as a hook up spot, and 105 said they carried condoms in their gym bag – just in case. Eighty per cent said they used a dating app at the gym to find someone they liked. A fifth said they had got off with their personal trainer.

But it's not all sex. People are actually working out at the gym too! Being fit and toned will improve your sexual experiences anyway, so it's worth the effort! Squats will help if you like having sex standing up or doggy style. A huge 67% of females surveyed reckoned that going to the gym regularly made them better in bed.

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