Gym Orgasms!

We all know that if we go to the gym regularly, you get a real buzz from completing an intense workout. But did you know that you might also experience an orgasm as a result?

A sex professor for Men's Health magazine, Dr Debby Herbenick, investigated the phenomenon after a number of readers claimed that they had experienced orgasm after performing hanging leg raises. (Ok if you don't hang out at the gym you probably won't know what 'hanging leg raises' are!)

The ladies at our Leeds Escort Agency were a bit disappointed to discover that this only works for men!

Dr Herbenick claims that the gym induced orgasm is a result of working the abdominal muscles and nothing to do with your gym shorts rubbing against your genitals! If you want to experience a gym induced orgasm, then Dr Herbenick tells you how. She says that you must work your muscles to the point of fatigue, and carry on working out when you feel the first pangs or excitement.

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