Get Rid of Annoying People

We've all been there. You've met someone. Maybe you've been out with them a couple of times, and then you realise that they're not the one. Even if you try and end the relationship, you can find that they just keep on texting.

But now there's a new app that will take care of all that for you! It saves all that nastiness, and avoids you having to put up with a flurry of insults! In fact, it looks like so much fun our Leeds Escorts are itching to give it a go! (Just to try it you understand, not because they've got anyone particular in mind!)

The new app is called Ghostbot. The app automatically sends texts on your behalf and I specifically designed for those of you who don't want to deal with those awkward texting situations. It does that by sending polite, but ultimately uninterested, texts. The app is designed by the same people who came up with Burner. For those of you who don't know, Burner is an app that lets you keep your real phone number private by giving you temporary numbers you can use with your phone. To use Ghostbot, you'll need to sign up to Burner first and that way you don't have to give your real number to any new prospects!

Ghostbot detects incoming texts from the person you don’t want to deal with anymore. It then sends off putting responses. It'll even wait a few hours before sending a reply, just to make it look like you're really busy! Amongst the responses are things like 'nope', 'I have not time right now' and thumbs down emojis. If that doesn’t work, Ghostbot will block the number so you need never be bothered again!

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