Gender Tax Is Everywhere!

You've probably heard about all the protests regarding the VAT on women's tampons, but we can now reveal that women pay more for all sorts of things. For example, razors. Yep ladies razors do exactly the same thing as a man's razor, in fact they are the same, but for the privilege of being able to buy a pink razor, women pay more. And it's not just razors!

Women also have to pay more for sex dolls! It seems that Sinthetics, a ground breaking sex toy website, actually charges more for its male sex dolls, aimed at women, than it does for its female sex dolls, aimed at men. As much as $200 more. That really came as a surprise to our Leeds Escorts who had no idea that a male sex doll would cost more, given the amount of detail you find on a female sex doll, such as painted nails, make-up and hairstyles. Ok the male sex doll may have a couple of inches of extra flesh, but surely the female dolls take far longer to make?

Women get short-changed over all sorts of things, from shampoo to biros. It's known as the 'pink it and shrink it' style of marketing. Research has found that on average women pay 7% more for identical goods than men, just because they are marketed to women and is considered a 'gender tax'.

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